Exterior Maintenance Grant Program

The City wants to encourage homeowners to invest in their properties by assisting with improvements to the exterior of their homes. The Exterior Maintenance Program will make grants available to homeowners for correcting cited code violations. Grants are available to homeowners of single-family owner houses or condominiums that have been cited for code violations.

The maximum grant amount for structural repairs is 40%, up to $1,400 of the total project cost for eligible improvements. Structural repairs are any improvements made to the house or garage such as painting, replacement of gutters and loose shingles, and repairs to porches, doors, and windows. The maximum grant amount for driveway or service walkway repairs is 50%, up to $1,500 of the total project cost for eligible improvements.

A project cannot include both structural and driveway/service walkway repairs. Grant funds are issued in the form of a reimbursement once the project and final inspection are completed. This is a citywide program with limited funds. Grants will be encumbered on a first come, first-served basis until all funds have been allocated. Program guidelines and applications are available below. For more information, please call the Department of Economic Development at 216-587-6500, Monday - Friday, between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.