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Greater Cleveland Partnership 

Grant funding and tax credits are can be useful incentives of new and expanding businesses. JobsOhio has programs in place offering these benefits to encourage business growth. These programs, of varying focus, are typically tied to job creation and new capital investment in fixed assets.

Growth Fund Loan 

The JobsOhio Growth Fund Loan provides capital for expansion projects to companies that have limited access to capital and funding from conventional, private sources of financing. JobsOhio will consider loans to companies that are in the growth, established, or expansion stage, and that have generated revenues through a proven business plan.


Start or expand your business with loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.  

Basic 7(a) Loan Program The SBA 7(a) 

Loan Program can be used for most sound business purposes including working capital, equipment, furniture, land and building, leasehold improvements, and debt refinancing (under special conditions).

504 Loan Program 

The SBA’s 504 Loan program offers small businesses another avenue for business financing, while promoting business growth, and job creation.

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NOPECEnergy Efficiency financing available for commercial property owners to complete qualifying projects without taking out a high-interest loan or without investing any cash up-front.  Many commercial projects involving lighting, HVAC, windows, doors, roof, insulation, geothermal, solar panels, and water heaters qualify for financing.  



2022 Pace/Step Program Comparison


Amazon Black Business Accelerator

Credit, cash investment and business education and coaching to help jump-start business growth and customer acquisition.

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