“Don’t end up saying ‘You know college was one of the best six years of my life….and ONE DAY I’ll go back and finish my degree.'" Councilwoman Andrea Mitchell

A week ago today, over 30 college and high school students gathered in the West Wing Auditorium at South Pointe Hospital during their respective holiday breaks from school. Despite the dreary rain and cold, there was quite a crowd. And in spite of being on holiday, the kids were visibly excited to talk about nothing more than…school. And that’s what they did. They had gathered for “College 102: This Is How We Do!” a fun and interactive event for college-bound high schoolers, and current collegians.

Ward 2 Councilwoman Andrea Mitchell conceptualized and planned the event. “College 102” brought together 17 college students (all of whom are also Northeast Ohio high school alumni) and 15 high school students from all around the region. The majority of the students were either currently enrolled or alumni of Warrensville Heights High School, just like the councilwoman herself. Prior to the event, Councilwoman Mitchell explained that she hoped to bring college students and high schoolers together so that they could learn from one another and discuss the real experience of college in real time.

“Don’t end up saying ‘You know college was one of the best six years of my life….and ONE DAY I’ll go back and finish my degree’,” Mitchell spoke to the students with candor and humor. Her gentle truths, however, were what seemed to resonate most with the students.

The students also spoke with influence and impact. One of the most dynamic segments of the evening was the panel discussion, during which the college students spoke freely about the most important details of the college experience to an audience of absorbed high school students. The college students dropped gems about topics ranging from time management and scheduling classes to all the expert ways to pass advance calculus and getting involved in Greek life on campus. The high schoolers were glued.

The night ended with dinner which was generously donated by Chipotle Mexican Grill in Warrensville Heights, and lots of laughter, card games, giveaways, and networking. The students were overjoyed that they spent a Friday night during their holiday break talking about none other than, well, school.

Councilwoman Andrea Mitchell opens the panel discussion 

Catering spread generously donated by Chipotle Mexican Grill


Special Thanks:

Chipotle Mexican Grill (4015 Richmond Rd, Warrensville Heights, OH 44122)

Ward 5 Councilman Matthew Howard


By Angela Smith Souza | Department of Communications