Community & Economic Development

A strong, vibrant business community is the lifeblood of any great city.

As the lead economic development agency of the City of Warrensville Heights, the Office of Community and Economic Development (WHCED) works closely with businesses, government and community partners to attract business investment, develop a connected and supportive business climate and grow Warrensville's talented workforce.

Property Values Increase

Our property values are assessed every six years by the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer for the Tax Commissioner for the State of Ohio in what they refer to as a mass appraisal. This is one of those years. We have been notified that our residential values have increased by 13% and our commercial/industrial properties have increased by 12%. This places us in the top 10% of communities in Cuyahoga County. It also qualifies us as the 6th top community out of 59.


The WHCED Department provides economic development services including:

  • Advocating for improving the business environment in Warrensville Heights
  • Assisting the City of Warrensville Heights in development of strategic plans such as Master Plan
  • Attracting new business and national investment to Warrensville Heights
  • Establishing business support partnerships throughout the community
  • Providing workforce development leadership to connect businesses with education institutes and employment sector agencies
  • Retaining existing business and assisting with local expansions

Warrensville Heights 2012 Master Plan Update

A municipal master plan is a city’s map of how to create and maintain a quality way of life for its residents and businesses in both the immediate and long‐term future. It considers demographic trends within the city, region and state, as well as land use and economic conditions to determine how a community can achieve its vision of how it would like to be. At its core, the master planning process is a city’s own articulation of sustainability: how it will become and remain an economically viable, socially fulfilling and environmentally healthy place.

A master plan is intended to be a clear and practical guide on which to base future decisions regarding land use, infrastructure, other capital improvements and services. The purpose of examining and updating Warrensville Heights’s Master Plan is to document the numerous and complex changes that have occurred within Warrensville Heights and the region since 2002 and to reevaluate the policies and recommendations in light of those changes. View a full description

Northfield-Warrensville Multimodal Connectivity Plan

The Northfield-Warrensville Multi-modal Connectivity Plan is a planning project that continues previous work in the study area, based on the combined interests and needs of the involved communities: Warrensville Heights, Shaker Heights, Highland Hills and North Randall. The focus of the plan is providing and improving multi-modal connectivity. Currently, the study area is auto-dominant with limited viable options for alternate mode travel. Incorporating multi-modal connectivity with infrastructure that accommodates motorized vehicles, transit, bicycles and pedestrians within the existing roadway network, would transform the area. View full report

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