Planning Commission


  • 7 p.m.
  • 2nd Monday of each month
  • Warrensville Heights Municipal Center (City Hall)
  • Council Chambers
    4743 Richmond Road
    Warrensville Heights, OH 44128


The Commission consists of one Council member, selected by the President of Council for a term as determined by Council, and four electors of the Municipality, appointed by the Mayor and approved by a majority of the Council members.

About the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission acts as Planning Commissioner of the Municipality, and, as such, has control of planning and shall provide regulations covering the planning of all lands within the Municipality. The Planning Commission shall make such regulations as it deems necessary as to the manner in which streets and other public ways shall be graded and improved. The manner in which and the extent to which water, sewer and other utility mains, piping or other facilities shall be installed, or establish any other conditions precedent to the approval of a proposed plan. The Commission shall make plans and maps of the whole or any portion of the Municipality and of any land outside the Municipality, which, in the opinion of the Commission, bears a relation to the planning of the Municipality and to make changes.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Planning Commission shall have such powers as may be conferred on it by ordinance of the Council concerning the following of any public building or structure or those located on public streets of property:

  • Alteration
  • Design
  • Location
  • Plan
  • Relocation
  • Removal

Ordinance Approval

The location, relocation, widening, extension and vacation of streets, parkways, playgrounds and other public places, the zoning and rezoning of the Municipality for any lawful purpose and such other powers as now or may hereafter be conferred upon by ordinance of the Council or the general laws of Ohio. All plans and recommendations made by the Planning Commission shall be submitted to Council for approval before the same shall be considered as official.