Community Reinvestment Area

The City of Warrensville Heights offers tax exemption to anyone building or rehabilitating residential property in within a Community Reinvestment Area (CRA). There are three CRA areas within the City; Warrensville Heights CRA West, Warrensville Heights CRA Northeast, and Warrensville Heights CRA Southeast. Homeowners building a residential home are eligible to apply for a tax abatement at the rate of 75% for 15 years. Please contact the Department of Development for the tax abatement terms for a rehabilitation project.

Tax Abatement

Tax abatement is the temporary elimination of increased real property valuation taxes on the improvement to real property (Land). On a residential structure the County Fiscal Officer has the property values broken into two valuations; land and building. These two valuations actually represent the breakdown of the total property value the County Fiscal Officer places on that parcel. The portion of the parcel that represents the building valuation is the amount that is used for tax abatement purposes. The land valuation on the parcel is not exempt from paying its full share of property taxes.