Sidewalk Replacement Program

Each year from April-November, the City of Warrensville Heights Building Department conducts its residential exterior property maintenance inspections on designated streets throughout the City. Specific streets will be inspected on a triannual basis. During the course of these inspections, we will identify public sidewalk blocks that are defective or a safety hazard and are in need of replacement.   

Sidewalk Replacement

Sidewalk blocks that have been identified as being defective or a safety hazard will be marked by inspectors, and then the Service Department will begin the process of removing the panels and installing new concrete blocks. The City will incur the cost of the replacement, and there will be no assessments issued to homeowners.    

Sidewalks Affected by Tree Roots

Sidewalks deemed to be a safety hazard for natural causes like tree roots will be replaced by the Service Department at no cost to the homeowner. If you receive a violation notice outside of the annual inspections for sidewalk blocks affected by tree roots, please contact the Service Department at (216) 587-6570.

Sidewalk Repairs/Replacement Outside of Annual Inspections

Sidewalk blocks that need replacement outside of the annual property maintenance inspections area shall be assumed by the homeowner.

Commercial, Condominium, Apartment Sidewalks 

Defective and hazardous sidewalk blocks that need repair or replacement at commercial, condominium, and apartment complexes will be the responsibility of the property owner.     

List of 2022 Property Maintenance Inspection Streets 

Parkton, Garden, Cherrywood, Butternut, Marvin, Aurora, Green, Miles, Annette, W. Sunset, E. Sunset, W. Ridgewood, E. Ridgewood, Springvale, Richmond, Berrimore, Joyce, Longleaf, Merrygold, Timberlane, Hathaway, Halifax.