Hydrant Flushing

Fire Hydrant

Annual Fire Hydrant Flushing & Testing

Annual fire hydrant flushing and testing will begin June 1st and is usually completed by June 30th. Warrensville Heights Fire Department personnel will conduct flushing and testing throughout all areas of Warrensville Heights as part of the state-required maintenance program. Fire hydrants are opened, to allow water to flush for several minutes to remove sediments and debris, to ensure water flow is adequate and each hydrant is operational for firefighting. Hydrant testing will be from 9:00am - 4:00pm

Why is my water brownish/rust/tea-colored? Is the water safe?

During the flushing process residents may notice rusty water, as the sediments are agitated. This in no way affects the safety of the water. If discoloration occurs, we recommend that you run your household faucets for several minutes. This should help clear up any discoloration and result in the water running clear. When a hydrant is opened, the water in the mainline will flow out a high velocity. This creates a scouring action in the pipe and dislodges the sediment particles that may have accumulated in the pipe. The sediment then mixes with the water, turning the water a cloudy or rusty brown color. There is NO health hazard associated with the discolored water.

What should I do when city crews are flushing hydrants in my area?

Residents should avoid using their dishwasher and washing machine. Also, do not turn on the faucets inside the household while city crews are in the immediate area.